Friday, December 12, 2008

The Day Family is Growing!!

Devin and I are very excited to announce that we are pregnant!! The baby's Due Date is July 20th the day after our Anniversary. YAY!! Now we have to wait until we find out if its a boy or a girl it seems so far away.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The month of October

Its been forever since I've posted anything. Well lets think back to what has happened since Devo's B-day. We both have been working a lot lately and driving back and forth to the valley. My Birthday was Oct 14th and we went to dinner with my family. I loved it we went to the Spotted Donkey in Cave Creek my mom always told me about it so that's where I wanted to go. The food is awesome and on the walls they have all these cute pictures of Donkeys. We love Donkeys. Between my mom and Aunt they have 6 Donkeys. Then a few days later The girls from the Day family came up to visit its what they do every year for fall break we had a blast. Devry made me a Cupcake cake it was so cute and very yummy. Thank you Devry!! I wish I had a picture but I don't.

At the end of October I went and helped my parents move into there new home. This has got to be like the 20th home they've lived in no joke they move a lot. I have to say this is my favorite home by far. I love it!! Its really neat the house is like a big O so in the middle of the home is the pool and yard. You almost feel like your at a resort when your sitting outside its very relaxing.

My cousin Jason was married on Nov. 6th. Devin and I went to the wedding. I only have pictures before we left not any at the wedding. I am the worst when it comes to taking pictures Hopefully I'll get better. Well I guess that's pretty much it.

Oh by the way Devin and I are moving again!! At least its just down the street and not to far. Were very excited!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Just want to give a big shout out to my husband Devin. Today's his Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Honey Love you!!

Here he is modeling for the camera.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Ive been slacking on this. This is for you Jillyn

3 joys
my joys would have to be 1. Devin (of course), 2. My Dogs
3. My family and extended family
3 fears
i fear that 1. the economy wont get better after the Election.
2. devin and I are going to have all girls no boys. 3. we wont sell are Payson home anytime soon.
3 goals
1. beat Devin at golf lol 2. be pregnant before 2009 3. to find a career that I love.

3 current obsessions/collections
1. obsession is...bringing new dogs home. 2. . shopping I love to shop.
3. i'm obsessed with having to have a clean house all the time.
3 random surprising facts about me
1. i would rather be on water then snow any day. 2. i love playing cards with the Day family.
3. ive lived in 10 houses in 5 years.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

True Love!!

Today we celebrate 5 years of Marriage!!! Thinking back on these past years takes us to many places, from newly weds living in Fayettville Arkansas , to co-workers in Payson and Show Low. We have lived in 8 different homes and dragged our dogs all around the map with us. During the time Devin spent time traveling all over with baseball, taking him to a different town every day. Come to think of it the only thing that has stayed constant through out is our love for each other!!! We wouldn’t change a thing and we look forward to making more memories wherever our crazy lives might take us.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Congratulations Chelsea!!!!

I just wanted to give a big shout out to my cousin Chelsea. I have been meaning to post this for a while now but I finally got some pictures. I'm not sure if anyone knows but Chelsea is a world champion she shows paint horses. I am so proud of her. I got to go see her show in Texas for a few days and she was amazing. Shes only been doing this for like 5 years and shes kicking butt. Most of the people that are in her class have been showing there whole lives so yes they probably cant stand that Chelsea's only been doing it for a short amount of time and shes awesome. I love you Chelsea and were so proud of you.

First 14-18 western pleasure second year in a row
First 14-18 Hunt seat Equitation second year in a row
First 14-18 Showmanship
Reserve on tucker 14-18 Western riding
Reserve on barbie 14-18 horsemanship

Overall she got High Point. YYYYYYYYaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Randome Pictures

I just had to post this picture. I got a new camera because I just wanted a small one to be able to carry with me in my purse at all times. Well I took this picture of Winston because he was shaking his toy so hard that I couldn't believe how well the picture turned out. Most of the time when I try to capture photos like this there all blurry. So I'm just pumped about my new camera and I thought I would just share that with everyone. lol I'm a dork I know. Also here some random pictures of my babies.

Hiesman hes so good we have trained him to sit and wait until we say ok for him to go ahead and eat. Bulldogs are hilarious because they live to eat so its funny to watch Heisman he will start drooling like crazy.

All the Dogs locked out. lol

Tobi my male English Bulldog. He had to have surgery the other day because his tail was so tight that it would constantly get an infection. So finally Devin and I said, thats it hes going to get his tail cut off. Its funny out of all the vets we have gone to all of them have told us to put a certain creme on there or give him a shot everyday. No one has ever told us about cutting off his tail so I just never really thought about it. When we went to the Heber vet like 4 years ago he mentioned it but I was living in the valley at the time so I just kind of forgot about it. Well I went back to the Heber vet and he said lets do it and that definitly needs to be done so 4 days later we got it cut off. Hes still in pain but in the end I think hes going to feel so much better because it would drive him crazy all the time.

Monday, July 14, 2008

My new Mountain Bike!!

Im just trying to keep my blog updated so I thought I would tell everyone about my new Mounatin Bike. I love it!!! I got it about 3 weeks ago and I really have been enjoying it. Its a Trek its perfect for me I'm so excited. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do. I'm trying to get Devin to start riding with me but hes not thrilled. He says its not thrilling for him. I guess he needs to have a bear chasing him then it would be considered thrilling for him. Well I am going to keep trying to persuade him to go with me. He wont let me go alone so if he doesn't want me to go alone then he will just have to come. haha

Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th of July Weekend!!

For the 4th Devins family came up to visit. We had a lot of fun well they had more fun then we did. Devin and I we had to work all weekend. fun fun!! Anyway the time that we spent with his family was great!! We love it when family comes up to visit. We watched the Fire works from our house. Then we pretty much hung out outside played ping pong and rode bikes. Devin took all the kids out on the Rhino and even Heisman. Heisman thinks hes the coolest dog when hes riding in the Rhino. Here are some pictures from the weekend. I had to steal these off of Jamee and Torees facebook I forgot to take pictures. We love you Day family and come see us again soon!!!

Cruisin in the Rhino with Heisman

The Day Brothers.

Lilli giving Avery a Big Wet Kiss

Daisy, Toree, and Avery

My brother Myles is to the far left. Devins trying to give Heisman some water. Jamee, Chad, Avery, Corri, and Randy

Toree with all my moms dogs

Devin and I working as usual

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Check out these photos.

I thought I would post some of these pictures. I thought they were really neat. This is a friend of my moms son who raises hound dogs to do this. Pretty cool!! Don't worry no one was hurt during this. The one picture looks like the dog got hit but actually he moved his head just in time. I just can't believe the size of this mountain lion. If you look closely at the pictures you can see all his muscles. I wouldn't want to run into of them that's for sure.

This picture is so cute. Check out there chests they all three have the same stripe.

Dog Fight!!!

Last Monday which was March 31st. I woke up and let my dogs outside. Just as they came in my two girl dogs Bella and Lilli went right after each other. I'm not sure if anyone really knows but the two girls cant stand each other. I really don't know what it is between them they get in a fight and then once I separate them they give each other kisses. Weird!! Well anyway this time they went after each other so bad that I couldn't get them apart. Devin was at the gym and I was home alone with the dogs. I tried everything I even got my abb cruncher and tried to put it between them thinking it would scare them and they would separate. ya right. Once I got a hold of Bella Lilli kept coming after her so here I am running backwards trying to get them apart while I'm holding Bella but they are still clinging on to each other. Bella got out of my arms so I tried to grab Bella again and Lilli bit my finger I was bleeding everywhere you would never think you could bleed that much out of a finger but I had blood everywhere all over the bathroom my clothes what mess. Anyway Lilli got tired and stopped but Bella kept gnawing at her so I had to pry her mouth open. I didn't want to pull her because she would of ripped Lillis ear off. Then I threw Bella's butt outside I was very shaken up crying because I couldn't get them to stop. Talk about a nightmare. I can never seem to separate them anymore. So here I am crying and panicking I called Devin left several messages. Then finally I realize he didn't take his phone. So I went to go get him in my bloody clothes to tell him I needed him home. I haven't been scared like that in a long time. It was definitely a wake up call we had to find Bella a new home. I felt horrible having to give her away but I couldn't let them continue like this and I couldn't live like that anymore. So the people that took her don't have any other pets which is probably a good thing. Bella needs to be the only dog. So far everythings going alright she plays with the kids and eats her treats but shes not eating her food at all. Will see you never know she might be back. There going to try it for a few more days. There worried that shes not eating and so am I. I don't know what to do. If she comes back I'm going to have to ask the Doctor about putting her on medication which I just don't believe in. I really do think she is bipolar. Some days shes really scared of Devin for no reason at all and then shes in love with him or she just becomes vicious to Lilli out of know where. Women!!!


On Easter Devin's family came up to visit for the weekend. On Saturday Devin and I went golfing with his dad and brother. We had a lot of fun. For the rest of the weekend we just kind of relaxed and played cards. Easter is not like it used to be when you were little that's for sure. I sure miss going Easter egg hunting. I also miss when my mom would get bunny slippers and sprinkle flour around them so it looked like the easter bunny came. I loved that. There are not that many young kids in the family so we don't have an Easter egg hunt. Devin's sister Devry has two girls and one boy but they go to Devrys in laws on Easter. There are more little ones running around over there. However it is nice to just relax and and really enjoy the true meaning of Easter.

Horse show in Tulsa, OK

Its been a long time since I have posted anything. Well lets see the first week of march I went to my cousin Chelseas horse show in Tulsa, OK. It was freezing out there. If anyone doesn't know the kind of days a horse show is they are long. Not as bad for me as it is for Chelsea. We leave our hotel at 8:00am and sometimes dont even get back until 1:00am. She shows paint horses shes pretty good at it. She's a World Champion so its fun to go and watch her shows to see how much she has accomplished over the past few years. We were there for about a week it was pretty much a girls trip my mom and aunt went so it was a lot of fun. I dont have any pictures I always kept forgeting to pull out my camera. Maybe next time.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

San Diego

Our trip to San Diego was great we really enjoyed ourselves. We did not want to come home. We stayed in La Jolla my parents have a house out there so we stayed there and did lots of shopping. We try to go out there at least once a year. We flew out Monday night and came home on Friday evening. It was a good amount of time to stay out there. We went shopping, Whale watching and of course went to the beach. We had a lot of fun. We can't wait to go back and visit. We had a great Valentines together. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines!

The Grey Whale. We saw about six of them. If you click on the picture you can see it better.

Sea Lions. There everywhere. There is a small beach in la Jolla where you can stand right next to them almost.

Dolphins. I love Dolphins! Devin took the picture. He's not a fast picture taker. The Dolphins did jump out of the water but Devin missed it so this is the best picture I have. Devin also walked away with the camera and two Dolphins were jumping next to the boat then they swam off and popped there heads up out of the water like they were laughing. So I missed out on getting a photo of that. Next time were going to take two cameras or I will be the one to take the pictures. Its ok Honey I forgive you. lol

San Diego

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lots of Snow!!

Here are some pictures of our snow storm we had on Monday. I think we got about 2ft of snow. Crazy!! Devin was excited, me... well I was excited for about 20min then it just kept coming and coming so I got pretty tired of it real fast. I like snow dont get me wrong its just that it is hard to live in the snow with dogs. Poor things they cant even find a spot to go to the bathroom so they go right on the patio which I can't stand. When dogs pee in the snow it smells horrible its a lot stronger then when they pee in the grass. I just thought I would share that with you. haha I hope everyones doing great. Devin and I are enjoying living up here in Show Low. We cant wait to take a trip out to San Diego we fly out tomorrow night Im so excited!! Happy Valentines!!

This is my backyard

This is the front of our house.

Devo Shoveling snow.

This is the street well at least underneath all that snow it is. lol

Devin playing in the snow.

Where is Bella?

These are the trees in our backyard

Winston looks hilarious in this picture.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Pretty boring lately!

Nothing to exciting has been going on lately. We have just been working a lot and hanging out. Right now we are in the process of putting cabinets and shelves up in our garage. Devin complains because I have to many Holiday decorations. I can't help that I just like to collect things that my mom doesn't want anymore she always gives away the best stuff. It's been hard to get it done lately because its been so cold up here and the little heater we have doesn't seem to work very well. We were at the FBR on Tuesday working the booth for Bison Homes which was kind of boring it was actually slow which it usually is at the beginning of the week.
Devin and I are so excited because we are finally going to take a trip to San Diego I just love it out there. My parents have a house out there were so excited were leaving on Feb. 11th and coming home on Feb. 14th its a short trip but o well were just excited to get away from the office for a few days. That's pretty much it. Wow we sound pretty boring hopefully something exciting will happen soon. Hope everyone's doing great!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays!

For Christmas Eve we flew from Show Low to the valley to visit the Days we had so much fun. We flew there in the morning so that we could run around and do some errands. we went and saw Corri and Chad at the Hospital because Corri just had Avery he was born on Dec. 23rd around I think 7:45am. Hes so cute!! Were so excited for them. Then after we went to my parents to pick up some things we headed over to the Days and hung out all evening. Its so much fun there because there are lots of little ones running around getting excited for Santa to come.

After we had dinner at the Days we drove back to Show Low in our car we left down there because were trying to sell it. Well obviously it didn't sell, so we decided to bring it home with us. We left the valley around 10:30pm and drove home. Then I had to stay up a little longer to prep for Christmas dinner since I was the one hosting it. That wore me out. I will NEVER do that again!! Well at least not all by myself. My mom and Aunt said, that they were going to make some of the dishes, so I set everything out for them to make the dish did they help? Ya right! they say that but when I needed there help they were never available." lol
Myles came up with his new puppy Heisman. Talk about a cutie!! Myles if you ever want to give him to someone just remember your sister would be glad to take him. lol Any way all in all it was a great Christmas as long as families are together that's all that matters.

For New years my sister Kim came to visit us it was so nice to have her here we don't get to see her to often. We decide to stay home BBQ and play board games all night long. New Years Day we went Quad riding BURR!!! It was freezing, fun but freezing. We really enjoyed ourselves the past two weeks. Were ready for things to settle down and get back on track. We hope everyone enjoyed there Holidays!! Happy New Year!!!