Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Preston turns 2!!

Preston turned 2 on July 18th we had a small race car party for him. I didnt go all out like I did his first Birthday its been a busy summer with the new baby and all. He still had lots of fun and loves all his gifts. Here are some pictures from the party!!

Family Vacation

We went to San Diego in July for a family vacation. We had lots of fun. We got a hotel room right on the beach and we went to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. Preston had a blast. He wasn't sure about the beach at first. I think its because hes never seen so much sand in one place. The Water made him nervous everytime we would take him in he would hold on as tight as he can, it was cute! Sea World was by far his favorite. He loved the Whales I just called them Shamu and so thats what he calls them. Jayden did good we set up a tent for her and she hung out in the tent when we went to the beach. Here are some pictures from the trip!

Driving Uncle Buddy and Aunt Renees boat
Preston Loved to feed the sea lions

Preston Sleeping with his Shamu