Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oh My gosh November already!!

I can't believe its November already. Time has flown by like crazy these past few months. I have to say I am so excited about Christmas this year. I know its not even Thanksgiving yet but Im just really looking forward to baking lots of Christmas goodies. I love to bake!! My husband thinks Im crazy because I make way to many different things. I say he should just be thankful that he gets to eat all kinds of yummy things. haha Anyway we have done lots of things we moved back down to the valley so we are out of Show Low which I am so glad I am so miserable in the cold. Then My cousin Chelsea and I went to San Diego for our moms Birthday which was so much fun!! We had a blast.
Devin and I took Preston to the zoo it was very very hot so we were a little miserable but had fun. We definitly want to take Preston back now that the weather is nice.For Halloween we went to my husbands Brother Chads Ward Trunk or Treat so that the cousins can hang out. We had a lot of fun. Preston was a Bat. His costume turned out so cute! I didn't make it I bought it I'm still trying to get the hang of sewing its not going to well I think I might just have to stick with baking. lol Little P was in love with the cotton candy. I was holding it and the next thing I noticed was that Preston had ripped pretty much the whole thing off and trying to stuff it down his mouth. Devin and were like whoa!!! Slow down bud! It was too funny! Oh I almost forgot before Halloween we went to a pumpkin Patch Mother Natures Farm we enjoyed it. Preston loved petting the goats. and feeding them whatever grass he could find. Here are a bunch of pictures from the last few months and some are from a trip my family and I took to North Carolina for business.
Oh and another thing we are expecting baby number 2 in June. We were very surprised to here we were preggars. Were very excited I wasn't going to say anything until I was further along but I figured I'm blogging now so its probably a good time. Anyway enjoy the pictures!