Monday, June 29, 2009

Prestons Room

This is what we have done with Prestons room. I was going to have his bedding made but Devin and I couldn't decide on what fabric we liked. So we finally agreed on the one that's on his crib. We just bought it from Serena and Lilly. Once hes born will hang some pictures and I still need to get a lamp for his room. I think he will like it. We were trying to go vintage baseball but it didn't end being that way at all.

We went to our 36 week check up last week and so far nothings happening. I think hes going to try to stay in there as long as possible. The Doctor says everything looks good and his head is down so that's good. I'm so ready for my next appointment on Thursday hopefully theres some changes. I was feeling really good throughout my pregnancy but this last week I can really tell I'm a lot more tired and achy.