Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The month of October

Its been forever since I've posted anything. Well lets think back to what has happened since Devo's B-day. We both have been working a lot lately and driving back and forth to the valley. My Birthday was Oct 14th and we went to dinner with my family. I loved it we went to the Spotted Donkey in Cave Creek my mom always told me about it so that's where I wanted to go. The food is awesome and on the walls they have all these cute pictures of Donkeys. We love Donkeys. Between my mom and Aunt they have 6 Donkeys. Then a few days later The girls from the Day family came up to visit its what they do every year for fall break we had a blast. Devry made me a Cupcake cake it was so cute and very yummy. Thank you Devry!! I wish I had a picture but I don't.

At the end of October I went and helped my parents move into there new home. This has got to be like the 20th home they've lived in no joke they move a lot. I have to say this is my favorite home by far. I love it!! Its really neat the house is like a big O so in the middle of the home is the pool and yard. You almost feel like your at a resort when your sitting outside its very relaxing.

My cousin Jason was married on Nov. 6th. Devin and I went to the wedding. I only have pictures before we left not any at the wedding. I am the worst when it comes to taking pictures Hopefully I'll get better. Well I guess that's pretty much it.

Oh by the way Devin and I are moving again!! At least its just down the street and not to far. Were very excited!!