Saturday, January 17, 2009

Its only January

We have been counting down the weeks. We cant wait to find out what were having in February. I feel like I have been very lucky I haven't been sick once. I was just tired at the beginning all the time and that was it. I don't know if Devin and I are just overly excited or what but this pregnancy seems to be going by too slow. I know were nuts trust me we are enjoying every moment right now but it would be nice if it would move along faster. You know the weeks, so that we can find out what were having. So we can start buying things slowly were just so excited to actually be able to decide on colors and names. We do have a boy and a girl name that we really like so will see if that's what we choose.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas we did. We love seeing our families we don't get to see them that much right now because there all in the valley and were in the mountains. I have to say the weather actually has been great up here the last week. I cant wait until Spring and Summer those are my favorite times of the year up here.

Sorry there are no pictures I'm in the awkward phase like I know I'm pregnant but right now it looks like I just don't know how to cut back on eating. lol I'm actually shocked because once I found out I was pregnant I thought I would over eat because I am a food lover. My diet hasn't changed at all accept that I probably eat healthier and drink a lot more water then I used to. Well that's enough about me look at me rambling on and on. I hope everyone is doing great!