Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Preston is Here!!

We are very excited to announce that Preston is here. He is a very healthy little boy.
He was born on July 18th at 11:15p. Weight 7 pounds 8 ounces 21 inches.
We went in at about 10:00 am Saturday morning to be induced. It took me forever to Dialate I was a 2 forever. So the nurse came back in at 8:30 pm and said no your still a 2. I was bummed because nothing was happening. Then she said I will be back at 10:30 pm. Once she came back at 10:30 she said are ready to have a baby I said are you serious she laughed and said yes I don't joke about that. I couldn't believe that in that short time there was so much change. We are having so much fun with him hes so cute. Here are some pictures of this past week. Sorry it took so long its just that I have been at my moms for a week so I couldn't upload any pictures.

Chelsea and Preston

Myles and Preston

Tori and Preston

Friday, July 10, 2009

Waiting for Preston

Well I have been living in the valley for a week now waiting for Preston. Last Thursday my doctor didnt want me to go home for the 4th of July but after much debating back and forth with Devin and my family I decided to head home anyway. Which I am very glad I did because obviously nothing happend Preston hasn't arrived. We came back early Sunday morning just in case something were to happen. Surprisingly the heat hasn't bothered me that much so that is good. My last appointment which was a week ago I asked my Doctor about being induced and he said that he was on call the weekend of the 17th so he will probably induce me then. I am so excited because it seems like everyome I know has to wait a week after there due date. I will find out early monday morning what day I can schedule. I am very much hoping that hes going to come on his own perhaps this weekend. lol Devin and I are so excited I feel like I have been pregnant forever. Everytime I am in the baby stores looking around I am always buying a new outfit which he doesnt need I have so many newborn outfits I dont think he will be able to where them all. lol We will keep everyone posted.