Friday, November 23, 2007

Utah Trip for Thanksgiving!

Its been awhile since we've posted anything. We try to keep everyone up to date with everything going on but honestly its been pretty boring. Accept for Thanksgiving Devin and I drove out to Utah so that I can meet his moms side of the family for the first time. We've been married for over four years and I've never met anyone. So ya we thought it was about time I better get out there and see for myself what the Hansen family is like. We had a blast everyone was so nice and wonderful. I've never been to Utah so that was really neat. We went to Temple Square and I saw the Salt Lake Temple which is absolutely beautiful. Honestly in all the pictures that Ive seen it always seemed a lot bigger then what it is in person. Its still amazing though. We also went to the old Conference Center and then to the new one what a major difference the new one is huge I don't know how they had conference in the old one. I'm not sure if every ones seen the new conference center but I just wanted to say if you haven't you need to go to the top of the roof its amazing what they've done up there it feels like your walking on the ground but your actually on top of the roof. There is a garden up there which covers the whole roof. I just thought that it was really neat to see. For Thanksgiving dinner we went to Chuck-A-Rama bet you never thought you'd here that!! It actually wasn't to bad. Its just kind of funny because its really not tradition but it is for some of the Hansen family. Later for Thanksgiving we went to a movie well actually two movies the one we wanted to see was sold out so we went and saw Dan in real Life which is funny. I've already seen it before but it was still good the second time. Later that evening Devins Sisters and I still wanted to see the movie that was sold out dont laugh but we saw Enchanted. Devin was such a trooper going with us I know he was miserable but the movie was cute I liked it. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Utah Trip xtra Pictures