Thursday, December 10, 2009

Random Pictures

Sorry it took me so long to update my blog. We have been doing really good except for the fact our power was out over 48 hours talk about frustrating. It probably wouldn't have bothered us so much but the reason why it did was because every surrounding neighborhood had power but for us. So the lady from the Electric company called to let me know that it should be on so Devin went to check to see. He calls me and says, what a joke its not even on! He was so upset. I called the lady back and said no my street is completely pitch black. She said, I'm gonna call the crew and get them out there right away. Well anyway it turns out that some how were being skipped like they have no clue about our neighborhood, so one of the neighbors says he talked to the electric company and he's going in to meet with them and figure out what the deal is. Talk about weird!
Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We had fun. On my side of the family it was meeting the boyfriend and girlfriends. That was a little awkward.
Preston is doing great he is so much fun! He's rolling around like crazy. He gets so mad sometimes because that's all he can do. Once he starts crawling I think I am going to have my hands full. He loves to rumble his lips I'm not sure what to call it so hopefully you get it. I taught him that. I started it once he was born and kept doing it. Hes been doing it for long time now but now hes really good at it. I will pick him up and he will just do it or when I look at him. A terrible habit I know but its so cute!! There is no stopping it now. Anyway here are some random pictures. Enjoy!

Grandma Shellee and Preston

Chad, Corri, Devin

Preston laying on Elmo he loves his Elmo, Myles gave him at the Hospital.

Here is Avery dancing for us.

Mom, Joni,Renee

Myles and his girlfriend Maggie

Avery going down the slide and Preston just chillin.

Sleeping buddies