Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow already!?!

I cant believe summer and fall are already over. We have officially received our first snow. Am I excited? Not really. I don't mind the change at first but its a reminder for what's to come. Freezing cold weather, lots of wind, and a dirty house from my dogs tracking in snow. I don't like the cold I would rather be in the heat any day then the cold. I can cool off faster then I can warm up. Other then that yes when it does snow its very beautiful so there are some pluses but not very many.
It started snowing last night and I thought for sure it would be melted by morning but surprisingly it stuck all day. Usually when we get our first snow it doesn't even really stick. Here are some pictures. I wasn't even going to buy Preston a snow outfit but since it snowed today the first thing I did was order him one online. I cant wait until it comes in. By the time I get it it will be my luck we don't get any snow for awhile. o well. At least I will be prepared.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cute Pictures!

Here are some pictures I took of little P. Enjoy!!

This is his hair after a bath or should I say everyday unless I put some gel in it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little P

Wow time flies! Preston is doing so well. We call him Sweet P or little P those are his nicknames right now. Hes so much fun hes always smiling its so cute! He's definitely a happy baby which i feel so blessed to have. I have heard some parents who have the hardest babies and I must say I am so glad that my baby is happy. When he gets mad its so easy to calm him down. The only thing I miss the most is my sleep. But he makes up for it because every time he wakes up and is ready to eat, I will go and get him and he smiles so big and blushes its so cute. Devin gets jealous because every time I'm around, Preston always stares at me even when hes holding him he always looks around to find me. I must say Yes it does make me feel good!! I tell Devin all the time hes a mamas boy now but wait until he gets a little older he will be all over Daddy.
Anyway this is long over due but his 2 months stats were Height 24 inches and Weight 11.13. Hes growing so fast I'm curious to see how much he has changed the next time we go in to see the Doctor. He has found his fingers he loves to suck on them its so cute hes such a noisy little sucker. I'm glad he found something because so far he is not a pacifier baby he never wants it. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing. So far it hasn't been a big deal.
Besides work and being new parents at the beginning of the month we went to Nicole Meacham now Olson wedding it was so much fun. Nicole was absolutely gorgeous and her wedding was so beautiful. We had a great time that was the first time we really went out since having Preston and Ill tell you what it was the hardest thing ever to leave him. I kept thinking about him constantly. Here are some pictures enjoy!

Little P in his Tigger Jammie's

We were at Devin's brothers house and I put Little P in this chair he looked so cute sitting in it.

Little P in his preppy outfit.

Just before we headed out to the wedding.

Me with the beautiful bride.