Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hope everyone enjoyed their Holidays!

For Christmas Eve we flew from Show Low to the valley to visit the Days we had so much fun. We flew there in the morning so that we could run around and do some errands. we went and saw Corri and Chad at the Hospital because Corri just had Avery he was born on Dec. 23rd around I think 7:45am. Hes so cute!! Were so excited for them. Then after we went to my parents to pick up some things we headed over to the Days and hung out all evening. Its so much fun there because there are lots of little ones running around getting excited for Santa to come.

After we had dinner at the Days we drove back to Show Low in our car we left down there because were trying to sell it. Well obviously it didn't sell, so we decided to bring it home with us. We left the valley around 10:30pm and drove home. Then I had to stay up a little longer to prep for Christmas dinner since I was the one hosting it. That wore me out. I will NEVER do that again!! Well at least not all by myself. My mom and Aunt said, that they were going to make some of the dishes, so I set everything out for them to make the dish did they help? Ya right! they say that but when I needed there help they were never available." lol
Myles came up with his new puppy Heisman. Talk about a cutie!! Myles if you ever want to give him to someone just remember your sister would be glad to take him. lol Any way all in all it was a great Christmas as long as families are together that's all that matters.

For New years my sister Kim came to visit us it was so nice to have her here we don't get to see her to often. We decide to stay home BBQ and play board games all night long. New Years Day we went Quad riding BURR!!! It was freezing, fun but freezing. We really enjoyed ourselves the past two weeks. Were ready for things to settle down and get back on track. We hope everyone enjoyed there Holidays!! Happy New Year!!!