Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day Weekend!!

Mothers Day Weekend was a lot of fun. The only thing that put a damper on it was the wind. We are so ready for the wind to stop so we can go out and enjoy the fresh air. Devins brother Chad and his wife Corri came up with there two boys Avery and Davis. I enjoyed just watching Avery all day. He can play and play from morning till night. Davis he is so cute!! He is always smiling. I think Preston was unsure about his cousins at first he is not used to kids being around and playing with his toys. He would just watch Avery most of the time.
My Mothers Day was wonderful it was my first and I enjoyed myself very much. I got tons of flowers my house smells like a Flower shop!! haha Thank you Mom, Aunt Renee, Devo and Little P I love them. Devin made us girls french toast for breakfast which was very yummy! He also got me some new golf balls and a golf bag that will be arriving tomorrow. I am very excited!! We really enjoy golfing together.

Preston is doing really good he's getting so big. I get sad thinking he is almost a year old. He is growing way to fast. He loves to play! What he loves most is when we make tents and tunnels he gets so excited!! His new favorite snack right now is Graham crackers. Once he finishes one he gets so mad that its already gone its so funny to me. I just cant believe how crazy he is about them. He can stand on his own if you let go of him. I don't think he realizes that he can do it until you let go. He also will hold your hand and walk with you. I am already planning his first birthday Im getting excited and hope I can make it a special one.

Avery and Preston watching the golfers.

Preston and Davis playing

Avery playing basketball. He is using the hamper as his basketball hoop.

Davis showing us how to do an exercise move.

A couple of pies my mom had delivered for Mothers Day. Thank you Mommy!! They were delicious!

Skyping Grandma Day on Mothers Day.