Saturday, May 30, 2009

Baby Shower!!

Devin and I had a blast at the our baby shower my Aunt Renee threw for us. She asked if I had any requests and I said i would like to have the men come so my husband can come. Its funny how most men don't want to go to a baby shower but Devin he was very excited!! So it was a lot of fun having the men there. We got so many things. Thank you so much everyone!! Here are some pictures of the shower.

Our Cake

My mom and I

My mother in Law Shellee

My best friend Nicole.

My Aunt Renee and my Mom.

My Diaper bag I cant wait to use. Thanks Chad and Corri!!

Shellee made this for Preston. I love it!!

A painting this lady did for me. The two birds on top are trying to pop the balloon while the other is relaxing in the basket.

As for the update for our little guy Preston he is doing great. We have two more 2 week appointments then were off to one week. I cant believe how fast things are moving along. My Doctor is in the valley so I will be living in the heat for the month of July. Not really looking forward to it but oh well.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Been Busy!!

I haven't posted anything in a while. We have been crazy busy the last couple of weeks between moving and having to run our dogs to the vet office. It seems every time we start moving are dogs panic and start eating things that they shouldn't be eating then I have to take them to the vet for xrays. Definitely not fun especially when you get the bill afterwards.
Other then that things have been going really well. We have officially decided on a name we are going to name him Preston Carl Day. I have always loved the name Preston it used to be my brothers middle name until it was changed. We are working on Preston's room and it's coming along. We have already painted it and his furniture just arrived yesterday. I was telling Devin how weird it is looking at a crib in our house. Things are about to change. I am so excited I cant wait!!