Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Already?

Things have been crazy lately around here the last few months. We have been back and forth from Show Low and the valley. When were down in the valley we stay at my Aunt Renees house which we really enjoy. We were looking for places to live in the valley but decided to wait a little longer to see how Devins new job goes. He is selling health Insurance which he really likes. He is also planning on opening his own Real Estate office. Were just waiting to hear back from the Department to see if his company name has been aproved. Im anxiouse to get that going so I can sell Real Estate undder him.
If any of you are looking for affordable health Insurance you should contact him. His rates are unbelievable and they cover more and is a lot cheaper then the top named Insurance companies like Blue cross Blue shield.

Preston is getting cuter and cuter everyday. We are loving every moment of it. He loves anything and everything he can get his hands on. He gives kisses which is so sweet. We are having so much fun with him. He looks a lot like his daddy but has a lot of his moms personality. At least thats what Devin says. He started Army crawling around December and then about a month ago he decided he was going to start crawling the right way. Once he did, it looked so funny because we were so used to him sliding on the ground. He stands all the time he loves to be on his feet. I think he will be walking pretty soon. He does not like to take naps. If it was his choice he would be awake all day everyday. Being a mom is so wonderful I cant imagine my life with out him. All I know is that it must have been pretty boring before he arrived. Here are some pics!

Preston with his Aunt Toree

Preston with his cousin Davis