Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Loving the weather

This is my favorite time of the year. You can feel spring is here. I Love it!! We have been really busy these past few months. We moved to Gilbert which we love. I am just so glad I am out of Show Low. I dislike the cold and the wind I'm not sure how I lasted so long up there. The only thing I'm going to miss is golfing in the summers but that's about it oh and maybe fall but seriously that's all I'm going to miss.
Preston is getting so big I cant believe he is turning two this year time flies way to fast. He loves our Ipad he knows how to work it like a pro we have to hide it all the time because that's all he wants to play with. Its pretty crazy how these kids figure out things so quick. Anyway I'm not sure if I have actually mentioned but we are having a baby girl! We are very excited but nervous. I cant imagine having two kids. Crazy!! Our baby girl is Due June 10th. Its coming up pretty quick. This pregnancy hasn't been as easy as it was with Preston. I used to walk all the time when I was pregnant with Preston and feel completely fine. But with this one I'm like in pain after my walk. My tailbone hurts so bad so that's not fun.
Preston and I try to go to the parks a lot so we can enjoy this gorgeous weather. He loves all sports. We have every sport ball you can think of throughout the house. We also live close to the Chandler airport which Preston loves. He loves watching the planes and helicopters go by. Here are a few pictures of Preston at the park enjoy!