Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Prestons 1st Birthday!!

I can't believe my baby is one years old. I felt like my pregnancy took forever and his 1st year went way to fast. It makes me sad that hes not a little baby anymore. I miss it when he was so small and cuddly all the time. Now hes Mr. Independent and does his own thing. At least he's still a snuggler when hes sleepy. Don't get me wrong I love that hes changing. I guess I'm a little selfish and wish he could stay small forever. We have had so much fun with him. He has such a fun personality. Hes always up to something all the time so we are definitely on our feet at all times. Hes walking like crazy he started walking at 11 months. He loves to climb on things hes always trying to stand in his wagon which makes mommy very nervous.

His party was great we did a baseball theme birthday party which turned out super cute!! He ended up being very spoiled he got lots of toys and a playground set which he love. Lots of friends and family came which was so wonderful!! I was exhausted after the party. I'm a stress ball I always worry. I wanted everything to be perfect which honestly I can say that everything turned out great! The party was in Show Low so the weather was great it got a little hot but I am thankful we weren't in the valley with 116 degree weather. Here are some pictures of his big day enjoy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things have been going really good lately! We have been very busy lately. Preston is growing up so fast I can't believe he's almost a year old. He's walking everywhere and into everything. He's such a happy boy. We've been planning his birthday its going to be a baseball theme party of course. Were very excited its a great time to bring family together. Here are some random pictures of our trip to Cleveland and other random pictures.

We are all Witnesses.

The Family in Cleveland

Little P