Saturday, April 5, 2008

Check out these photos.

I thought I would post some of these pictures. I thought they were really neat. This is a friend of my moms son who raises hound dogs to do this. Pretty cool!! Don't worry no one was hurt during this. The one picture looks like the dog got hit but actually he moved his head just in time. I just can't believe the size of this mountain lion. If you look closely at the pictures you can see all his muscles. I wouldn't want to run into of them that's for sure.

This picture is so cute. Check out there chests they all three have the same stripe.

Dog Fight!!!

Last Monday which was March 31st. I woke up and let my dogs outside. Just as they came in my two girl dogs Bella and Lilli went right after each other. I'm not sure if anyone really knows but the two girls cant stand each other. I really don't know what it is between them they get in a fight and then once I separate them they give each other kisses. Weird!! Well anyway this time they went after each other so bad that I couldn't get them apart. Devin was at the gym and I was home alone with the dogs. I tried everything I even got my abb cruncher and tried to put it between them thinking it would scare them and they would separate. ya right. Once I got a hold of Bella Lilli kept coming after her so here I am running backwards trying to get them apart while I'm holding Bella but they are still clinging on to each other. Bella got out of my arms so I tried to grab Bella again and Lilli bit my finger I was bleeding everywhere you would never think you could bleed that much out of a finger but I had blood everywhere all over the bathroom my clothes what mess. Anyway Lilli got tired and stopped but Bella kept gnawing at her so I had to pry her mouth open. I didn't want to pull her because she would of ripped Lillis ear off. Then I threw Bella's butt outside I was very shaken up crying because I couldn't get them to stop. Talk about a nightmare. I can never seem to separate them anymore. So here I am crying and panicking I called Devin left several messages. Then finally I realize he didn't take his phone. So I went to go get him in my bloody clothes to tell him I needed him home. I haven't been scared like that in a long time. It was definitely a wake up call we had to find Bella a new home. I felt horrible having to give her away but I couldn't let them continue like this and I couldn't live like that anymore. So the people that took her don't have any other pets which is probably a good thing. Bella needs to be the only dog. So far everythings going alright she plays with the kids and eats her treats but shes not eating her food at all. Will see you never know she might be back. There going to try it for a few more days. There worried that shes not eating and so am I. I don't know what to do. If she comes back I'm going to have to ask the Doctor about putting her on medication which I just don't believe in. I really do think she is bipolar. Some days shes really scared of Devin for no reason at all and then shes in love with him or she just becomes vicious to Lilli out of know where. Women!!!


On Easter Devin's family came up to visit for the weekend. On Saturday Devin and I went golfing with his dad and brother. We had a lot of fun. For the rest of the weekend we just kind of relaxed and played cards. Easter is not like it used to be when you were little that's for sure. I sure miss going Easter egg hunting. I also miss when my mom would get bunny slippers and sprinkle flour around them so it looked like the easter bunny came. I loved that. There are not that many young kids in the family so we don't have an Easter egg hunt. Devin's sister Devry has two girls and one boy but they go to Devrys in laws on Easter. There are more little ones running around over there. However it is nice to just relax and and really enjoy the true meaning of Easter.

Horse show in Tulsa, OK

Its been a long time since I have posted anything. Well lets see the first week of march I went to my cousin Chelseas horse show in Tulsa, OK. It was freezing out there. If anyone doesn't know the kind of days a horse show is they are long. Not as bad for me as it is for Chelsea. We leave our hotel at 8:00am and sometimes dont even get back until 1:00am. She shows paint horses shes pretty good at it. She's a World Champion so its fun to go and watch her shows to see how much she has accomplished over the past few years. We were there for about a week it was pretty much a girls trip my mom and aunt went so it was a lot of fun. I dont have any pictures I always kept forgeting to pull out my camera. Maybe next time.