Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Pictures

Here are some newborn and Family photos.
Thank you Nicole you did an amazing job.

Everyone is doing great! Jayden has been a wonderful baby so far there have been a couple rough nights but other then that its great. Preston is doing really well with her he gives her kisses every night before bed its so cute!! Enjoy the pictures!!


Sarah Ward said...

Oh my goodness!!!! I miss you guys!! These are precious. Your family is just amazing and so gorgeous! Glad to hear all is well!! Enjoy those little ones!! Love you friend!!

Brandon & Jillyn Larsen said...

most attractive family ever! jade is beautiful and i cant wait to hold her! little p's smiles are adorable! love these pics!

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

What a cute little family you have:) I love the last picture! She is so angelic! Nicole did a great job!